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Boomerang Alliance (Links to lots of useful docs – seriously good list!)


Plastic Bag Free Victoria
Clean Up Australia

Links to films and videos


ForkFish – Plastics in the Ocean Written and Directed by – Jarrod Boord and produced by – (9m:5s)
Micro plastic in our seafood  ABC Catalyst (19m)
Plastic not fantastic (Plastic in Oceans)  ABC Catalyst (12m:13s)
Are you eating plastic for dinner   National Geographic (4m:40s)
The lifecycle of a plastic bottle.  Emma Byrce TED ED talk(4m:4s)
The Majestic Plastic Bag – A Mockumentary (3m:59s)
Seas of Plastic  TED Talk by Oceanographer Charles Moore (7m:20s)
Plastic Oceans  United Nations  (7m:28s)
The story of bottled water  Annie Leonard (8m:4s)
When Balloons Fly: Seabirds Die Zoos Victoria and Phillip Island Nature Parks (2m:4S)