Alternatives to plastic bags

Victorians can save over 1 billion bags a year from entering the waste stream by refusing to take single use plastic bags!

Carry your goods
If you only have a few items, refuse a plastic bag and carry them in your hands.



Fabric bags
Cotton or canvas bags are a great alternative to plastic bags. Growing cotton uses water and takes up land area, but these bags last for many years and biodegrade at the end of their life, resulting in minimal lasting pollution or waste problems.  In Bass Coast there are groups sewing Boomerang Bags which are cloth bags donated to shops to support customers to say no to plastic bags.

Work out how to remember to take your bag(s) with you.

Try getting a small foldup bag for your handbag or pocket.  After you have unpacked your shopping leave the empty bags by the door or on the porch so you see them and can put them in the car next time you are using it.

Boxes/Baskets/anything else that can be re-used….